Offer your clients customized reports that give insight about their scalp wellness.

Get scientific data to properly guide your clients down the road to dietary wellness which leads to healthy hair. 

Obtain diet profile indices so you can determine diet/scalp wellness relationships. 

Be on the forefront of the latest technology that can help you to understand hair loss. 

Differentiate your service offerings using advanced technological assessments. 

Obtain research updates on new hair loss discoveries that cannot be received anywhere else.


There are two ways to gain exclusive insights about your clients’ scalp wellness:


Option #1: Designated Save Our Scalps™ Certified Research Assistant* 

Officially partner with Save Our Scalps™ and become one of a select few who qualify to conduct research on human subjects. We will work together to further understand the causes of hair loss. 

In addition, you have the added benefits of:  

      • Scientific research credentials 
      • Joint authorship on research publications through a consortium of hair professionals 
      • Being featured on our list of recommended practitioners 
      • Learning where your clients fall along the wellness scalp spectrum
      • Understanding dietary consumption so you can use your expertise to make recommendations based on the results and US recommended daily allowances 
      • Understanding the wellness scalp/nutritional relationship 

     Option #2: Scalp Wellness Provider 

      • Learn where your clients fall along the wellness scalp spectrum 
      • Understand dietary consumption and use your expertise to make recommendations based on the results and US recommended daily allowances 
      • Understand the wellness scalp/nutritional relationship
    *Note: All assistants must significantly contribute towards data generation which meet the minimum-required quantity of participants.

    Once you have received training and credentials to swab the scalp, your 7-step process is easy…

    Want to Collaborate? Let’s talk. 

    We welcome dedicated hair professionals who are interested in participating in the latest scientific hair and scalp research and those who want to change the status quo. Serious hair professionals should contact us at Save Our Scalps™ for more information.