Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do these services help my clients/patients?

Your clients will receive:

  • Personalized information about their scalp health
  • 90 days of nutrition tracking in approximately 20 minutes
  • Diet and hair loss relationships
  • Tracking of scalp health progression (if multiple scalp assessments are performed)

Currently, these services are exclusively available through Save Our Scalps. By partnering with us, your clients will gain valuable insights about their scalp health and you can provide them with nutritional advice to optimize their overall health which is needed for hair growth.

2. What do I need to do to become a research assistant?

You must be approved by the institutional review board (IRB) that oversees our research. They require a current Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) certificate for anyone who conducts biomedical research on human subjects. There is an online course available for hair professionals who need to understand the fundamentals of scientific studies. This course includes the following:

  • An overview of the CITI training content for conducting biomedical research on human subjects;
  • Study materials so you can easily pass the CITI exam;
  • Login credentials to take the CITI exam (Yes, this is for free for a limited time)
  • Waiving of administrative fees to be added as a research assistant within our approved IRB study;
  • Paperwork templates so you can conduct your own research; and,
  • Access to like-minded professionals who want to collaborate in research studies.
3. Besides taking the CITI training, are there additional responsibilities that will require more of my time as a research assistant?

No. After you complete the CITI training, all you need to do is offer Save Our Scalps services to your clients or patients. The way we collect the information needed for the study is incorporated into the service procedures.

4. I want to offer Save Our Scalps services to my clients/patients but am not interested in becoming a research assistant. How do I get started?

You can provide personalized services to your clients or patients without having institutional review board approval. Save Our Scalps will not use your clients or patients for research purposes.

5. Are scalp health and dietary reports only offered through hair professionals? In other words, can people from the general public request Save Our Scalp services?

Scalp health and dietary reports can only be issued after a recommendation by a qualified hair practitioner. Inquiries from the general public will be directed to a list of participating practitioners.

6. I do not know anything about Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) certification even though it is required for me to become a research assistant. Where do I go to learn more information?

When conducting research on human subjects, an institutional review board oversees all activities of the project and basic training is needed to understand the historical development of human subject protections, ethical issues, and current regulatory and guidance information. Details can be found on the CITI website.

7. I see there is a course available to learn about the fundamentals of scientific studies. Can I still participate as a research assistant if I forego this training and just pay for the CITI certification on my own?

Yes, you can participate as long as you have a current Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) certificate for conducting biomedical research on human subjects. This is required to be approved by the institutional review board (IRB) that oversees our research. However, there is an administrative fee of $300 and other paperwork is needed to be added as a research assistant within our approved IRB study. Please contact Dr. Crystal Porter to learn more about this process.

8. How much should I charge my clients/patients for the scalp health and dietary assessments?

The going rate for personalized care ranges from $99 to $350. Since your customers will be receiving one-on-one counseling from you along with tailored reports, the suggested price is $200 – $250 per report depending on your specific market.

9. Will there be protocols given to assist my clients/patients and will Save Our Scalps be providing recommendations?

No, we will not be making recommendations. After educating yourself about the benefits of the information generated in the reports, it is up to you to decide the proper care for your clients.

10. How many assessments should a client have?

The number of assessments you recommend will depend on the specific needs of your client and your goals as a practitioner.

11. Will I automatically receive my clients’ reports?

The signed agreement for testing is for your clients or patients. Therefore, they must agree and sign off to have you, as their practitioner, obtain their results. Usually, this is not a problem since they have come to you for services in the first place.

12. What are the steps needed to get started?

It’s easy! Schedule an appointment with our staff and we will make sure our services are aligned with your needs. After that, you can order assessments immediately.

13. How will we know when the 200 assessment minimum is met?

We will contact all practitioners via email who are awaiting testing.

14. Some organizations pay people to participate in research studies. How is this different?

This is a service where individuals receive personalized information about their scalp wellness. In studies where people get paid, they are not provided with results that are related to the research in which they participated.

15. I want to be kept abreast of information and scientific advancements that result from this research. How do I become a part of your listserv?

Please provide your contact information to receive updates about our research.