Are your clients seeking help for hair loss? 

Do your clients have a family history of hair loss? 

Have you noticed unexplainable thinning of hair? 

Save Our Scalps™ (S.O.S.) services were created because of the expressed need of serious and conscientious hair practitioners who want to be empowered with information that will help them provide better solutions for hair loss. S.O.S. services enable hair practitioners to give state-of-the-art personalized care for their hair loss clients while becoming a recognized contributor within the science community.  

The Science of Scalp Wellness 

Preliminary studies have revealed that people who have hair loss, or the beginning signs of it, have different bacterial signatures compared to those who don’t suffer from hair loss. Identification of bacteria residing on the scalp serve as biomarkers to distinguish between scalps that have beneficial microbes versus those associated with alopecia. These biomarkers can lead to the development of treatments, prediction of the early onset of hair loss and its reversal. 

What is Save Our Scalps™? AND What it Isn’t. 

Save Our Scalps™ is a service for hair practitioners that provides personalized information about the wellness of their client’s scalp. The service offers noninvasive testing of the scalp (via swabbing) and identifies the unique microbial signature of their client’s scalp, which has been found to influence the severity of hair loss. This information can be used to help tailor prescribed treatment regimens and monitor clients’ scalp wellness which, in turn, can gauge the effectiveness of treatments.

While there are microbial environments that are consistent with specific skin ailments, Save Our Scalps™ should not be used to diagnose disease. In addition, the service should not be used to indicate your clients’ state of health or be used for medical assessments. Save Our Scalps™ should be only used as a guide for you to determine appropriate cosmetic regimens based on your professional expertise. It is highly recommended that treatment regimens to help with hair loss are holistic in nature and involve advice from a qualified team of physicians, hair practitioners, dietician/nutritionist and other appropriate professionals.